Environmental consultancy services

specialising in the management and control of Legionella

Legionella Risk Assessment

The Legionella risk assessment is a legal requirement and is the starting point of a plan for controlling the risk of Legionellosis.

The risk assessment could be described as both a building survey and an audit: moving the building in the direction of being physically safer and the business towards legal compliance.

Legionella Training

Employers are legally required to ensure that employees are properly informed, trained and supervised.

Inadequate management, lack of training and poor communication are all contributory factors in outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease.

We offer a broad range of Legionella training ranging from proficiency courses with BOHS qualifications to bespoke awareness training.

Industry Insights

Our 15 years of experience in Legionella consultancy has given us useful insights into certain industry sectors and specific factors to consider, such as risks, usage, site constraints, equipment.

Why Choose Ravenscroft

Bespoke consultancy services

“We tailor assessments and training to specific need - nothing we produce is ‘off-the-shelf’ and as such you can have total reliability in receiving consultancy which is worthwhile.”
Duncan Ravenscroft